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​Lenneke Saraber

About myself and my work

Lenneke Saraber prints large and small linocuts. Without a preconceived plan, from a sketch idea, she spontaneously cuts into the plate with feeling. This is printed in one color and then some is cut away again to print one color over the other color. In this way a print is built up, layer by layer, color by color, until an image begins to form. The picturesque end result is a long time coming.

Lenneke finds inspiration in her surroundings, the landscape, the cloudy skies, but also the wooded surroundings of her native region of Twente always give an enormous urge to tell about it in images. Foliage, shadow effect and water flows have been eroded from the plate in various stages and form an important image element.

The work shows a development from figuration to abstraction. But in between the bird prints remain a cheerful figurative constant form next to the almost completely abstract landscapes. With the same spontaneous cutting technique, these colorful cheerful flutters have been immortalized in small prints.

Completely pure abstraction can be found in the decorative papers. Out of an interest in everything else you can do with relief printing, the artist carefully started developing decorative papers in 2006, which have now become a household name.


How it started


I knew early on that when I grew up, I wanted to draw a lot. During my  high school period it became clear that I wanted to turn my hobby into my job. I decided to study further at the art academy. Ultimately, the choice fell on the training in Kampen (now: Artez in Zwolle). After the foundation year I chose the direction of illustrative design and book care. It seemed to me the most versatile of all directions and I also loved books.


Almost immediately after my final exams (1991) I got a small assignment to make a card. Since I had to deliver 25 copies, it seemed easy to me to carry out the design in a printing technique, namely linoleum cut. The cutting with a gouge in the stiff linoleum, the resistance of the material, but also the immediacy with which you can record a handwriting in the plate, appealed to me. Working in mirror image only made the challenge bigger. I really enjoyed doing this, it made me want more. Not much later I reported to the Grafisch Atelier in Kampen; 55 meters away from my home address. 

“If I were you I wouldn’t go for linocut. It doesn’t sell and isn’;t done much anymore. It is out of fashion. But there must be a piece behind the heating somewhere, you can take that with you.”

With that wisdom I set to work. 

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Lenneke Saraber (Hengelo Ov.)


1993-1995 CHK 'Constantine Huygens' Kampen, 1st degree drawing, painting

and art history

1986-1991 CHK 'Constantine Huygens' Kampen, illustrative design &

book care


nominations and awards:

September 2005 Nomination Heartpool Graphics Award Overijssel

October 2003 honorable mention 6ème Triennale Mondiale d'Estampes Petit

Format,Chamalières, France

December 2002 Dutch Graphics Award 2002, winner

November 2001 La médaille de bronze, Société des Artistes Français, Paris

September 1999 City of Hattem, honorable mention Voermanmuseum, Rivers flownew dreams


solo exhibitions, a selection :

June-September 2021: Galerie Gustave , Ornans, France

Feb/March 2021: Blauwdruck Gallery, Zwolle

Oct 2020 Birds, Gallery INK, Delft

October 2018: Manen, gallery Posthuys Texel

Sept.2016-Jan 2017 Rijssens Museum

Oct.2016-Jan 2017 Bookstore Broekhuis, Enschede

Oct.2016 Hardenberg Art

Feb-28 Aug 2016 Gardens Mien Ruijs, “garden whistlers”

April-26 June 2016 Gallery van Strien”all of Holland in the lunch”

July-September 2015Grote Kerk Epe, together with Bastiaan Postma Keramiek

April 2014 Graphic Atelier Alkmaar

Dec 2013/Jan 2014 Gallery ‚t Posthuis, Texel, installation/

Jan-March 2012 Huys der Kunsten, Kampen

11 Sept-22 Oct 2011 Book and gallery Jan Knigge, Hengelo

Sep.-Oct. 2010 Gallery 14-16 't Posthuys Texel, De Koog

Feb-March 2010 Demedici Visual Arts, Nunspeet

Feb 18-Mar 22 2007 Gallery 14-16 't Posthuys Texel, De Koog

Oct. 2006 Gallery 16, Hengelo (o)

group exhibitions, a selection :

April 2022: Merel, Gallery Posthuys Texel

Sept. to 28 Nov. 2015Kamper Art Prize, exhibition nominees

Sept.-Oct 2015 Freedom of the Spirit, gallery Werfkade Hogezand

Aug 2015 GAAPrintmaking, Alkmaar

Apr 6-8 Sept 2013 Unbearably beautiful, Graphic Biennale 2013/Ex-libris center SintNiklaas, Belgium

Dec 2012-Jan 2013 Pulchri, The Hague, graphic exhibition. Work selected by Jeroen Henneman

Dec 2012 -Feb 2013 Various group exhibitions graphics led by gallery INKT Delft

April 2011 St. Niklaas Ex Libriscentrum, selection of entries

March 2011 Demedici Visual Arts Nunspeet 'Spring'

Nov-Dec 2009 Gallery Unita, Beek Ubbergen, group exhibition Association for

Original Chart

spring 2009 Voermanmuseum Hattem 'The IJssel in pictures'

24 Aug- 6 Sept 2007 Nieuwe Uitleenschatten, der Aa church, Groningen, in collaboration with SBK and CBKGroningen

16 Feb-11 Mar 2007 'Druk Drukdruk', group exhibition graphic artists GSA Galerie Hilversum

November 2005 Royal Art Circle Heikracht, Overpelt, Belgium

Sept 2005 OCBK Zwolle, nominated Heartpool Prize 2005

11 Oct-30 Nov 2003 6ème Triennale Mondiale d'Estampes Petit Format,Chamalières, France

6 Dec.2002-19 Jan 2003 Graph Now 10, Singer Museum Laren (NH) winner

16 Nov.2 Dec 2001 Selection Exhibition Industry Prize Koninklijke Kunstkring Heikracht, Overpelt(Belgium)

Nov 2-11, 2001 Le Salon, Société des Artistes Français, Paris

Dec 2000-Jan.2001 Graph Now 9, Singer Museum Laren (NH)

September 1999 Voerman Museum, Rivers flow new dreams

October 1995 Prima Vista, Kampen

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